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shell_exec Permission Denied

Josh Dec 15, 2011 01:01PM MST

I am trying to execute a script in my repository but when I try to execute it using shell_exec it simply outputs:

sh: scriptName: Permission denied

Obviously the error indicates that I do not have permission to execute the script. Why is this and is there any way around this?

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Scott Dec 15, 2011 01:10PM MST Pagoda Box Agent

All app exists in a non-executable file system for security reasons. What exactly are you trying to do?

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Josh Dec 15, 2011 01:14PM MST

No worries. I was trying to execute clang but it guessed it would executing scripts would disabled.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Josh Dec 17, 2011 10:10AM MST

I've had a look around at other PaaS like PagodaBox and none of them allow execution of scripts and some don't even allow writable storage.

PagodaBox was the one I really liked the most and it's a shame it doesn't allow this. Is there any possible way to execute scripts say in an isolated area similar to the writable storage or is it completely out of the question?

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Scott Dec 17, 2011 09:06PM MST Pagoda Box Agent

This I’m not sure of. I can talk to our ops team on Monday. I do know that pre/post deploy scripts are features that are coming soon, but I don’t know how much that helps you.

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Josh Dec 25, 2011 05:01AM MST

Have you found out anything more about this Scott?

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Joseph Dec 25, 2011 10:30AM MST Pagoda Box Agent

I’ll jump in and answer this (I’m one of the ops people.) We’ve always had a tight focus on security, which is why you can’t execute the script in the way you are attempting. We’re working post/pre deploy hooks and crons, which should let you execute things in a secure and consistent way. This is on our short term list, but we don’t have an ETA yet.

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Josh Dec 25, 2011 10:56AM MST

That sounds good. Cron jobs should hopefully allow me to do what I need.

Thanks for informing me of this!

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